Our laboratory facility plays a key role in our development of state-of-the-art laminates.

It allows us to select quality raw materials as well as to continually monitor and verify our process and quality.

This is done in the pursuit of offering our customers peace of mind, service and quality.

Our facility boasts the following, but is not limited to:

1.    Oxygen transmission testing using a Mocon OX-TRAN 1/50.

2.    Interply bond testing using a LLOYD Tensile tester LRX Series.

3.    Flex durability Testing (Gelbo) using a FDT-01 form LABTHINK.

4.    Coefficient of friction testing, for analysing both Static and Dynamic friction,
       using a MDX-02 form LABTHINK

5.    Gauge checks, using Densitometers, X-Right 314.

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