Maverick Flexible’s lamination process is unique in its approach to bonding different materials together. There are NO solvents or chemicals used in our manufacturing process, allowing NO migration of solvent and/or chemicals into the content being packed.


Solvents can potentially tarnish, damage or change the taste of what is being packaged.

These solvents may potentially be consumed unwillingly by the person enjoying the content, with unknown consequences!


We use water-based materials in our lamination process that are 100% safe and FDA certified, and 100% free of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Maverick Flexible strives to look after the best interests of YOU and ME, continually searching for SAFER, CLEANER, GREENER options in flexible packaging.

Safer, Cleaner, Greener, daily applications

Ever wondered why your furry feline would eat for weeks without any problems, and then, when you open a new packet of food they turn their back on it?

MEEEEEOOOOWWWW, it may very well be that the solvents used in manufacturing the packaging have found their way (migrated) into the pellets, and have now changed the taste of “Tiger’s” favourite dish! Because animals have a greater sense of smell and taste, they’re able to pick up on whether these solvents have infiltrated and contaminated their food.

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